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Meet the team

Josh Holliday

Josh has always had a passion for the unique and creative way that music and video tell a story and inspire people. Already a successful drummer, after touring in a band Josh knew that he wanted to become more and more involved in the production and creation of music. Josh founded Holliday Music in 2006 to give others the opportunity to learn the beauty of music and share that with a captive audience. Today Josh is focused on helping his students and clients to achieve their musical aspirations in a unique, quality and cutting-edge way.

Founder and Music/Video Production Maestro

Eli Mills

After learning drums and the ins and outs of music production from Josh himself, Eli has become a valued member of the Holliday Music team. A driven and passionate hard worker, Eli has offered a high standard of work in every music and video project he has been involved in. In one year Eli has learnt under Holliday Music’s instruction and been a part in the successful production of over 20 recording and film projects, and continues to help artists achieve their musical vision everyday.


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