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Record your music

Take your music to the next level in our state-of-the-art recording studio

Our recording studio is where the real magic happens.

Whether you are a soloist, band or voiceover artist, Holliday Music can take your next song, debut single, hit album or project from a concept to a brilliant, unique and professionally produced reality.


Over your favourite coffee at one of Newcastle’s thriving cafes, our expert producers will work with you to gain a full understanding of your project and aspirations, and will design a production package to suit your requirements and budget. We focus on really getting to know you, your character and music style so this can be reflected in the final product.


We will advise an initial project scope, including production and post production time, and provide ongoing support throughout the process. Beyond recording, mixing and mastering your music, we also provide advice during the pre-production phase (such as for the arrangements of your music) and collaborate with you on the creative aspects of your music to ensure you produce a top quality, unique sound.


The final production is something you can feel proud of and is ready to be shared on iTunes, CD, television or on radio programs like triple j Unearthed.

We can also arrange for professional photography to help advertise and promote your new music production. 


Ages: from bands to solo acts, voice-over artists to businesses recording radio adverts, anyone can have their audio professionally produced.


Available days/times: we are flexible around your needs and can book time with you for your next recording between 9am and 6pm any day of the week.


Cost: our production services are competitively priced and are designed to deliver a high quality result for your project. Our expert producers will create a unique production package based on your aspirations and requirements.


The equipment: click here to read more about our equipment.


Keen to know more? Let’s have a chat over a coffee.

Book in a no-obligation chat over a coffee with us today and let’s talk about professionally recording your music or voiceover.

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