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Captivate your audience

Our recording studio is where the real magic happens.

We create unique, high quality videos that people love to watch.

Who: from bands to solo acts, businesses to charitable organisations, anyone can have their idea transformed into a rich and engaging piece of video content.


Available days/times: we are flexible around your needs and can book time with you for your next video production between 9am and 6pm any day of the week.


Cost: our production services are competitively priced and are designed to deliver a high quality result for your project. Our expert producers will create a unique production packages based on your aspirations and requirements.


Keen to know more? Let’s have a chat over a coffee.

Book in a no-obligation chat over a coffee with us today and let’s talk about your next video project.

In a modern and digitalised world, there’s no better way to sell your story or create an aura of interest for your band or self as a solo artist then through video.


Beyond creating the right sound, Holliday Music have a professional team of videographers and producers available to create your next music video, TV advertisement, instructional video or other video project.


Our professional producers will take the time to really get to know you and gain a full understanding of your project so that we can create a final product that is creative, unique and draws people in. From live multi-camera video capture, recordings of your gig or show and live camera visuals with multitrack audio to live promo reel and live streaming to Facebook and YouTube, we’ll find the perfect approach for your unique project.


Over your favourite coffee at one of Newcastle’s thriving cafes, we will collaborate with you to create an idea and vision for your project and put all the relevant steps into action to achieve it. We will design an affordable production package to suit your requirements and budget, and put into place a timeline for the pre-production, shoot and post-production for your video.


The final result is a top quality produced video that will help you to market your band or solo act, reach new customers for your business or provide a solid informational piece for an engaged audience.


We can also arrange for professional photography to help advertise and promote your new video production. We use top quality cameras and the current cinema standard video technology (Ultra HD 4K) for our productions so that you can enjoy an outstanding final product for your project.

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